Margery Goldman has had a multi-faceted career as educator, designer and entrepreneur. From living and teaching on the Navajo Reservation and then the pueblos outside of Santa Fe, Margery moved into a career in design and communications, followed by a wild 10-year fling in children’s product development. When Margery’s children’s product company was purchased, she (at last!) married and began, with her husband Marvin, a life devoted to philanthropy. Like her career, Margery’s philanthropy is also multi-faceted. Her funding moves through a wide range of issues from contemplative education (Naropa University) to women’s economic empowerment, to reproductive justice. Since her first trip to the Occupied Territories with Rabbis for Human Rights in 2008, a key focal point for Margery’s funding has been the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. To that end, she was for several years co-chair of WDN’s Middle East Peace and Democracy Circle and has traveled multiple times to the region – twice with WDN. Margery supports numerous progressive organizations working to build a just civil society in Israel and a fair and sustainable peace for both peoples. If you ask Margery what aspect of her philanthropy has touched her most deeply though, she will tell you that it is the Donor Advised Fund she established for her 7 step-grandchildren to teach them about philanthropy. Set up following the passing of her husband in 2005 and directed with the help of staff at Denver’s Rose Community Foundation, the “Papa Marv Fund” has 3 funding cycles. “Each year,” Margery explains, “each grandchild gives away 2 individual grants and then all agree on one collaborative grant. I never cease to be amazed by the excitement the kids bring to each meeting and the growing sophistication of their grantmaking. It makes my heart soar!”


Funding Film to Educate, Engage and Achieve Social Change

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Ellen Friedman, Ellen Schneider, Lisa Jaguzny, Margery Goldman, Vince Stehle

A picture is worth a thousand words and increasingly a well-designed film can catalyze impact far beyond the investment required to produce it. From the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to the privacy issues raised by Edward Snowden to Jewish-Palestinian relationships, learn how donor families are using films to advance change on the issues of today. … Read More