Governance Practices for Better Decision Making

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Governance practices of philanthropic families are evolving to include more diverse voices and perspectives. Two common pathways for donors to become more informed and proximate to the communities they partner with include: the appointment of an expert or community advisory committee to guide social impact strategies and decisions, and appointing independent board members. What are the considerations a family must explore before and after bringing on independent board members, or creating an advisory committee? How can a family position its shared decision-making model for success? Join us for a conversation on how to create an advisory committee or add independent directors, and how to ensure that these models are effective.

About this Series

The monthly Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy webinar series provides guidance on the core tenets of effective family philanthropy—from motivations and values to governance, grantmaking, and succession. The series equips giving families with the latest information on evergreen topics in the donor lifecycle through practical takeaways and diverse family stories that illustrate important practices. Designed for seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike, the series is available to our Friends of the Family and Partner Subscriber organizations.

More Fundamentals

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