Rural Funders Peer Network: Rural Libraries as Community Hubs

Rural libraries are more than repositories of books. They are community anchors that are hubs of learning, connection and cultural enrichment. These libraries provide an array of services that cater to people of all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic status. Young families, school kids and seniors alike are able to access information, educational support, and cultural enrichment, all in safe and inclusive spaces. [1] Libraries in rural spaces afford community meeting spaces, creative conversations, and a chance to learn something new.  They play pivotal roles in civic engagement and community collaboration efforts that strengthen democracy throughout the country.

Join us for a conversation to learn from experts working to support rural libraries about the strategies they use and why libraries play an important role in rural places, as well as hear from family funders who are supporting this work.

If you are not yet a member of the Rural Funders Peer Network, you may join here.

Featured Speakers

Photo of Erin Borla

Erin Borla

Erin Borla has worked in non-profit organizations that support rural communities through the arts and creative…

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Stephanie Chase

Stephanie Chase is the Founding Principal of the Constructive Disruption consultancy and the Executive Director of…

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Wynn Rosser

Wynn Rosser

Wynn Rosser joined the Lufkin, Texas based T.L.L. Temple Foundation as President and CEO on September…

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Darryl Tocker

Darryl Tocker is the executive director and a board member of the Tocker Foundation.

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