Stephanie Chase

Executive Director, Libraries of Eastern Oregon

Stephanie Chase is the Founding Principal of the Constructive Disruption consultancy and the Executive Director of the Libraries of Eastern Oregon, a resource sharing cooperative covering nearly 60,000 square miles in rural Oregon.

Stephanie has more than twenty years of experience in local and municipal government, serving communities ranging from the small and rural in New England, resort communities, and some of our largest urban centers on both the east and west coasts. Prior to her current work, among other leadership positions, Stephanie was the Director of Libraries for Hillsboro (OR), coordinated service strategies to libraries for BiblioCommons, and was the Director of Library Programs and Services for The Seattle Public Library.

Stephanie is the founder of the Green Mountain (VT) Library Consortium, a founding member and inaugural chair of the LibraryReads Steering Committee, has served on the Public Library Association Board of Directors and the American Library Association Council, and is a member of the American Library Association’s Executive Board.


Rural Funders Peer Network: Rural Libraries as Community Hubs

Posted on February 9, 2024 by Darryl Tocker, Stephanie Chase, Erin Borla, Wynn Rosser

Rural libraries are more than repositories of books. They are community anchors that are hubs of learning, connection and cultural enrichment. These libraries provide an array of services that cater to people of all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic status. Young families, school kids and seniors alike are able to access information, educational support, and cultural enrichment, all in safe and inclusive spaces. [1] Libraries in… Read More