Celebrating What “Family” Means to You: An Interview with the Quixote Foundation

NCFP celebrated its 20th anniversary by sharing videos of unique stories from those in our network. In this video, leadership of the Quixote Foundation discuss how family is defined in there case as the people who are at the table - not just those who share a biological connection.

In family philanthropy we have the choice in how we define “family.” In the case of the Quixote Foundation, family is defined as the people who are at the table because they care about each other and the issues – not because they share a biological connection. Hear about family bonds are created and nurtured when we work together for good.

“The more that we believe that we’re in this together as a family, the greater impact we will have.”

– June Wilson, Executive Director Emeritus, Quixote Foundation

Check out their unique story below.


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