Determined to put the fun in funder, Lenore Hanisch brings a unique sense of joy and perspective of abundance to her role as a board member and Senior Director of Engagement and Partnerships of the Quixote Foundation. Described as a “free-range rebel,” Lenore brings courage, conscience, and silo-busting ideas to Quixote and the Women Donors Network, where she served on the board. With an open heart and curious mind, she persistently and playfully probes the prevalent paradigms of philanthropy. An aspiring writer and voracious reader, Lenore is a proud member of The Roving Writers, a group of wild women artists who got their start together at Hedgebrook: Women Authoring Change. As her Quixote Foundation chapter closes, Lenore looks forward to continuing to disrupt, with joy and love, the world of philanthropy and social change.


Voices from the Field

Efficient Assumptions

Posted on February 5, 2018 by Lenore Hanisch

In this piece, Lenore Hanisch explores how the assumptions we make about wealth, race, gender, and family can inhibit our ability to do the work we set out to do, including connecting with others who share our vision of resourcing positive change… Read More

Spending Up: A Discussion on Strategic Lifespan at the Quixote Foundation

Posted on April 13, 2017 by Jeffrey Solomon, Lenore Hanisch, June L. Wilson

In the 2015 Trends Study, NCFP found that nearly three-quarters of all family foundations are still considering whether they want to limit their philanthropic lifespans. This webinar features a roundtable discussion on questions to ask your organization, values and beliefs that play into the decision, and the benefits and costs of choosing to spend up your foundation, featuring the perspectives of two leaders from The Quixote Foundation, which completed its “spend up” process in December 2017… Read More

Giving While Living

Posted on November 10, 2010 by Gara LaMarche, Lenore Hanisch

The number of limited life foundations is increasing. Donors who decide to spend their philanthropic resources while alive employ different strategies in their grantmaking and have different goals than those families whose philanthropies are planned to exist in perpetuity… Read More