Cambridge Associates began working with a number of world-class educational endowments in 1973, pioneering the strategy of high-equity orientation and broad diversification. Building on our legacy of innovation, we have continuously evolved over the last four decades, working to stay at the forefront of the investment landscape and to deliver investment results for our clients.

Today, Cambridge Associates is a global investment firm that helps endowments & foundations, pension plans, and private clients implement and manage custom investment portfolios that aim to generate outperformance so they can maximize their impact on the world.

We’ve been on the leading edge of investment office outsourcing. We invest in the expertise needed to find and access the best investments around the globe, particularly in alternative investments. And we are always searching for new ways to add value to client portfolios, recognizing that every dollar of return matters when it comes to our clients’ investment goals.


The Materiality of Sustainability for Investors

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Cambridge Associates

Sustainability is increasingly material to investment returns. In this paper, experts from Cambridge Associates discuss five prominent trends that are likely to have relevant implications for investment portfolios over the long term. The five trends we highlight — climate change, multi–stakeholder driven society, resource degradation, demographic challenges, and technological revolution — all warrant attention from investors, even if they have… Read More

The Foundation of Good Governance for Family Impact Investors: Removing Obstacles and Charting a Path to Action

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Cambridge Associates

Family offices and family foundations are among those leading the movement to integrate values and investment strategy through impact investing. Families pursue impact investing for a variety of reasons, ranging from alignment with personal values and philanthropic goals to risk mitigation and long-term out performance to a desire to influence broader social and environmental challenges facing society. This paper from… Read More

Racial Equity Investing: The Time is Now

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Cambridge Associates

As we all grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic alongside widespread protests after the deaths of George Floyd and others, many asset owners are trying to determine how they can activate their investment portfolios to advance racial and social equity more broadly. In 2018, experts from Cambridge Associates reviewed the state of social equity investing, with a focus on racial equity… Read More

Pathways to Sustainable Investing: Insights from Families and Peers

Posted on September 8, 2020 by Cambridge Associates

Every day, wealth owners, families, and family office professionals start down the path of sustainability investing. This paper details the typical path these investors take, the questions many of them face, and the way that many of them successfully develop a winning strategy that generates both returns and impact. Based on observations over the years, we have developed a framework… Read More