Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Founder and CEO, Panorama

Gabrielle Fitzgerald is the founder and CEO of Panorama and co-founder of Pandemic Action Network. With decades of experience in politics, policy, and philanthropy, Gabrielle has become a recognized voice and thought leader on catalytic philanthropy, women’s leadership, and pandemic preparedness and response.

As a platform for social change, Panorama’s mission is to maximize social impact by partnering with visionary leaders to co-develop solutions with audacious thinking and bold action. Since its founding, Panorama has brought much-needed attention and funding to complex challenges including pandemic preparedness, gender parity in politics, and adolescent mental health.

Gabrielle also co-founded the Pandemic Action Network, a partnership of over 250 diverse organizations aligned in a belief that every effort made in the fight against COVID-19 should leave a long-term legacy — one where humanity is better prepared to deal with outbreaks and prevent a deadly and costly pandemic from happening again.

Prior to founding Panorama, Gabrielle spent more than a decade working in philanthropy. She directed the $100M Ebola Program at the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and served as the director of Global Program Advocacy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gabrielle spent the early stage of her career in Washington, D.C. She led the public affairs strategy for HIV/AIDS at the U.S. Agency for International Development and served as the communications director for the U.S. Committee for Refugees. She also served as a speechwriter for President Clinton at The White House.

Gabrielle is board president of American Friends of United for Global Mental Health. She holds an M.A. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a B.A. from American University.


Voices from the Field

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