Lora Smith serves as Communications Officer for Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Lora oversees all strategic communications for the Foundation and serves as a member of the Program Team with a focus on grantee communications capacity. Before coming to Babcock, Lora held several positions in the non-profit sector including working for the grassroots organization, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.


Telling your story to maximize community impact

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Jay Ruderman, Kate Wolford, Lora Smith, Vince Stehle

Have you thought about using Twitter or google hangouts but aren’t sure if it is a good use of your time? Have you been approached by a long-time grantee who has an idea to create a film dedicated to highlighting their cause – and wondering if this is a good use of your philanthropic dollars? Have you been told to have a website but not sure it is worth the bother? Are you interested in learning how to leverage the reputation of the foundation in the twittersphere to make a difference in issues you care about?… Read More