The Pierce Family Foundation’s primary focus is on nonprofits working in housing and homelessness in Chicago, and helping those nonprofits to build the capacity they need to operate effectively. 


Peer Skill Share program (Pierce Family Foundation)

Posted on July 29, 2014 by Pierce Family Foundation

The Peer Skill Share program is designed to invest in the professional skills of nonprofit employees, building their individual capacity and by extension, the capacity of their organizations. The Pierce Family Foundation arranges for nonprofit employees to help each other via “skill share” sessions, where grantees can get one-on-one advice from peers on specific needs they identify. Since there is… Read More
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How Do We Help the Leaders of Our Grantees Find the Peer Support They Need?

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Pierce Family Foundation

JJ Hanley faced a situation well known to nonprofit executives: the number of volunteers that wanted to help was outstripping the agency’s capacity to manage them.  Operating with a small staff, volunteers were key to the success of JJ’s List – which connects people with disabilities with community businesses and services – and her late-night brain-storms of one weren’t getting anywhere… Read More