Reginald Jones, President of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation since 2011, joined the foundation in 2003 as Executive Director. Prior to joining JCNI, Jones served as President of Chicago-based Steans Family Foundation, a philanthropy committed to revitalizing North Lawndale, a disinvested community on Chicago’s west side. Jones worked extensively with culturally diverse residents and partner organizations to undertake ambitious neighborhood revitalization efforts, including plans for a multi-million dollar school and family services campus. As the leader of the Foundation, Reginald worked with community residents and organizations, political leaders, and private entities to foster understanding of the organization’s intent, seek input, and build collaboration for neighborhood improvement. He worked with land-use planners, housing and retail developers, human service agencies, and other entities to foster comprehensive community improvement activity. He guided the Board of Trustees in the development of plans that enabled the Foundation to understand the present and future needs of the community and to make prudent decisions in the use of the Foundation’s resources.


Community Connections: Place-Based Family Philanthropy

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Reginald Jones, Valerie Jacobs Hapke

While some families pay particular attention to the family’s legacy of giving, and some focus on a particular issue or cause, many choose to limit their grantmaking to a specific city, state or region. Hometown serves as both the family’s sense of place and commitment. Gratitude to a supportive community and a desire to give back mean developing giving interests along geographic lines… Read More