Community Connections: Place-Based Family Philanthropy

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While some families pay particular attention to the family’s legacy of giving, and some focus on a particular issue or cause, many choose to limit their grantmaking to a specific city, state or region. Hometown serves as both the family’s sense of place and commitment. Gratitude to a supportive community and a desire to give back mean developing giving interests along geographic lines. A growing number of family foundations have taken this commitment to geographic location to another level, and made the strategic decision to engage in place-based philanthropy, dedicating the majority of their giving and personal involvement in a specific community. This webinar will feature the stories of families who have created place-based giving strategies at both the community and regional level.

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Reginald Jones

Reginald Jones, President of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation since 2011, joined the foundation in…

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Valerie Jacobs Hapke

Valerie Jacobs Hapke is a board member of the Jacobs Family Foundation and Jacobs Center for…

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What others have said...

This webinar validated our approach that it will take persistence, patience, presence, and a community that is very engaged in the initiative. Hearing others talk about this was reassuring that we are on the right path and not alone in some of the frustrations we have encountered. I also appreciate the resoures that you provided.


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