Sahar Afrakhan is a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Buddhism. Insatiably curious, she questions if “everything” can be her passion. She has been involved in family philanthropy since she was a fourth-grader on a junior board and was also part of the conception of Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC). Since she’s been away from home, she’s continued to commit herself to projects that instate positive change and hopes to land a job that blends business strategy/development and social impact. On her off time, Sahar is an avid yogi, foodie, and documentary-watcher.


Equity, Inclusion, and Connecting with Community in Family Philanthropy

Posted on March 9, 2017 by James Gore, Leticia Peguero, Nancy Chan, Sahar Afrakhan

What does inclusivity mean for family philanthropy? How can we promote diversity, community engagement, and openness while retaining the family focus of our giving practices? This session will feature a conversation on strategies for connecting with community and building an equity lens into your grantmaking and internal operations… Read More