Sammie Holzwarth

Sammie Holzwarth

Product Manager for Grants and Scholarships, Foundant Technologies

In her time with Foundant (since 2011), Sammie Holzwarth has taken on many roles in her path to becoming the Product Manager of Grants & Scholarships. Her breadth of knowledge and extensive experience working with a plethora of clients and in varying roles at Foundant fuels her passion and excitement to continually improve GLM/SLM, and herself which she now brings to her role as the Product Manager for Grants and Scholarships! Sammie has a passion for youth philanthropy and has spearheaded the Youth Giving Project in Bozeman, MT as well as serving as an Exponent Philanthropy Next Gen Fellow for 2016.


Voices from the Field

Adapt and Reimagine: The Anti-pivot

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Sammie Holzwarth

2020 has felt like one big “pivot.” We’ve shifted how we get groceries, teach students, onboard new team members, and even how we make an impact on our communities. In times of constant change and uncertainty, it is necessary and natural to shift and change. But, these quick pivots are often reactionary and can have unintended consequences. How can you… Read More

Supporting Youth and Next-gen Philanthropy: How to Get Started

Posted on May 28, 2020 by Vasser Seydel, Kimberly Myers Hewlett, Sammie Holzwarth

Durfee Foundation next-gen board meeting
Multigenerational families use different methods and techniques to teach the next generation about philanthropy. Successful future engagement depends on many considerations, including when and how to best inspire and empower next-gen family members. Please join us for a discussion that will explore a number of important considerations, including when, and how to introduce the concept of giving to your family,… Read More
Featured Article

Bringing Youth Philanthropy Home

Posted on August 22, 2017 by Sammie Holzwarth

In 2015, Foundant partnered with Youth Philanthropy Connect on their trip across the United States as they hosted gatherings of youth philanthropists. This trip opened their eyes to the potential for success a program like this could have in their own community in Bozeman, Montana… Read More