Susan Schwartz has served as executive director of The Cemala Foundation since 2006. The Cemala Foundation is a family foundation based in Greensboro, NC and established by Martha and Ceasar Cone II. The mission of the foundation is to continue the family tradition of enhancing the quality of life of the community. Prior to her work at the foundation, Susan worked in a variety of nonprofits, including several years as executive director of Action Greensboro.


The family foundation life cycle and the role of consultants

Posted on January 20, 2016 by Mary Phillips, Susan Schwartz, Suzanna Stribling

Family foundations come with a unique set of dynamics, like their dedication to preserving a legacy and to sharing decision-making among family members. These dynamics are often a significant influence on a foundation's governance and operations, and they can also extend to how family foundations' experiences with consultants differ from those of other foundations or nonprofits… Read More