Todd Hanson is vice president of the Center for Engaged Philanthropy at the Orange County Community Foundation.  For more than 16 years Todd has provided support to some of Orange County’s most generous families, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals and inspiring effective and impactful giving.   He works with donors to develop personalized giving plans, arrange agency site visits, organize presentations on community issues and provide research reports on nonprofits. He visits more than 100 local charities each year to stay informed on the latest programs, services and results.


Community Foundation Spark Session: Serving Families Who Use Multiple Philanthropic Tools

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Abbe Temkin, Todd Hanson, Tony Macklin

Philanthropic families are increasingly using multiple tools and strategies to achieve their goals for social impact. Creative examples from NCFP’s network include:  a private foundation with funds at multiple community foundations, a donor-advised fund and impact investing portfolio, establishing a family foundation and a 501(C)(4) nonprofit or Political Action Committee, and giving through a family business and a charitable fund… Read More