Valerie Hill Rawls

Co-Visionary/Co-Founder, EcoWomanist Institute

In addition to being a social entrepreneur, new urbanist, mass collaborator, and co-creator, Valerie is a marketing expert by training and a career of more than four decades. Valerie earned a B.A. in Marketing from Illinois State University and in the past decade has engaged diverse stakeholders in sustainability initiatives.


Voices from the Field

Giving Circle Spotlight: Ecowomanist Institute ELM Giving Circle

Posted on November 24, 2021 by Veronica Kyle, Valerie Hill Rawls

Grapevine, an online platform for giving circles, interviewed one of its community members to shed light on their origin story, the power of giving together, and how they have built community. We’d love to hear your origin story. How did your giving circle come to be?  The giving circle came as a result of our inaugural Southeast Region EcoWomanist Institute… Read More