Vivian Long

Executive Director, Long Family Foundation

Vivian is the Executive Director for the Long Family Foundation, an intergenerational, private nonprofit organization that funds religious, educational, cultural, and research endeavors. On behalf of the family, Vivian works closely with values-aligned nonprofit leaders through building trusted relationships and investing in organizational health.

Vivian co-chairs the Board of Asian American Futures, a national nonprofit focused on activating the power of Gen Z and Millennial AAPIs through high-impact philanthropy, narrative change, and movement building and additionally serves on the board of China Institute, Every Mother’s Advocate and the Generosity Commission’s Faith and Giving Task Force. She received both her BA and MPA from New York University.


Cultural and Faith-Based Funding Approaches in Family Philanthropy

Posted on December 1, 2023 by Vivian Long, Laura Herrick, Dilnaz Waraich

This session will explore the dynamic ways in which cultural and faith-based values can shape and inform the mission and impact of your family’s philanthropic endeavors. Faith has been imbedded in US philanthropy from its earliest days and many donors continue to lean on those values when driving change. Some donors openly talk about the link between their faith and… Read More