Laura Herrick

Executive Director, The Wayfarer Foundation

Originally from small-town Texas, Laura Herrick (she/her) is fast friends with anyone who also says “y’all” in everyday conversation.

She moved to the Midwest to serve as National Development Director for the US National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is more than a decade ago. She fell in love with the area, so she continued serving nonprofits in the Chicago area. Born into the Baha’i Faith, she’s carried out her love for humanity throughout her nonprofit career, including at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, Dallas Symphony, and American Red Cross. Laura enjoys time with family, volunteering with her Baha’i community, PTA board, Destination Imagination, and playing Star Realms or Settlers of Catan.

Laura’s Causes: children, arts, race unity, gender equality, the oneness of humankind.


Cultural and Faith-Based Funding Approaches in Family Philanthropy

Posted on December 1, 2023 by Vivian Long, Laura Herrick, Dilnaz Waraich

This session will explore the dynamic ways in which cultural and faith-based values can shape and inform the mission and impact of your family’s philanthropic endeavors. Faith has been imbedded in US philanthropy from its earliest days and many donors continue to lean on those values when driving change. Some donors openly talk about the link between their faith and… Read More