Impact investing and family philanthropy: a one-two punch

Thursday, July 12, 2012, 09:00 AM until 10:30 AM EST
90 minutes
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Who should attend

Donors, board members, CEOs, and family members with an interest in using impact investing as part of their philanthropic toolbox.


Interest in impact investing among wealth holders, their foundations, and family offices continues to grow. As a means for providing capital to for-profit ventures with a social mission, impact investing is increasingly viewed as an effective solution for combining the philanthropic aspirations of wealthy families with their financial objectives. This webinar focuses on how to successfully manage your wealth for impact and profit in a manner that aligns with your philanthropic goals. When coupled with a thoughtful approach to grantmaking, this emerging strategy can help families to work across generations and invest for a better world. Learn how to refine your understanding and approach from a seasoned impact investment practitioner, Dr. Julia Balandina-Jaquier, author of the Guide to Impact Investing for Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. The Webinar will provide participants with practical guidelines, concrete tools, and an array of personal stories. Julia will share her broad knowledge on this complex but accessible topic, including recommendations from over 40 philanthropic families involved in impact investing who actively collaborated on the Guide. Their successes, learning, mistakes and best practices provide an entryway to impact investing for private investors and philanthropists on the path to greater social and financial impact.

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What participants said:

A great first webinar - an expert speaker on a rapidly evolving and growing topic - the examples brought it all to life! Thank you!

Colleen Mitchell

I loved this webinar format. Very interactive in real-time, with graphs, polls and ability to ask questions. The speaker was extremely helpful.

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