New (and not so new!) ways to engage and integrate the next generation

Research shows that while next gen donors share many similarities with previous generations, they are also eager to pursue new philanthropic strategies.  They want to be more hands-on, impact-focused, and peer-networked.  They want to take more risks and try new vehicles, but also do more research and honor family legacy. Here are some practical tips to get your next gen family members engaged... and to keep them engaged.

New (and not so wew!) ways to engage and integrate the next generation

Provide hands-on learning opportunities while building leadership
  • Encourage them to create/lead a committee on something of interest to them.
  • Allow them to pass along good news to grantees.
  • Let them work with a member of the current generation to choose and lead a volunteer activity.
  • Make learning opportunities accessible to every age group and allow flexibility for people to engage when they are ready.
  • If the foundation is staffed, allow family members to work with staff in a variety of ways, from a more formal internship to shadowing a staff member for a day or a week.
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