Trust-Based Philanthropy Learning and Action Cohort

About the Cohort

Please note the current cohort has closed. If you would like to express interest in future Trust-Based Philanthropy Learning and Action Cohorts please fill out this form.

The Trust-Based Philanthropy Learning and Action Cohort is a collaboration between National Center for Family Philanthropy and the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project. It is designed for family foundations interested in leveraging their philanthropy toward a more just and equitable nonprofit sector. At its core, trust-based philanthropy is about addressing power imbalances and shifting our culture and practices so that nonprofits have the time, space, and support they need in order to advance their work.

This Learning and Action Cohort is specifically designed for executives and trustees of family foundations who are ready to embrace and/or deepen their commitment to trust-based practices and operationalize a more equity-aware, trust-based culture within their organizations. As such, the curriculum for this cohort will include an exploration of trust-based culture, values, leadership, and governance; opportunities to cultivate power-consciousness and humility in leadership practices; case studies from organizations that have fully operationalized the six interrelated trust-based grantmaking practices; peer coaching and peer learning with others on the trust-based journey; and a chance to identify and implement action steps to bring about practical, positive, and timely changes within your family’s philanthropy.

The curriculum is broken out into six virtual sessions Sessions are around 2 hours long, including time for small cohort breakouts. Cohort members will be assigned to a peer group that will also have opportunities for self-organized meetings between sessions.

You may apply as an individual and are also strongly encouraged to apply with additional family member(s), advisors or senior staff members from your philanthropy.

Information regarding further programs to come. Learn more about Trust-based Philanthropy in our content collection.

Curriculum Facilitators

Liz Bonner headshot

Elizabeth Snowdon Bonner

President, Hill-Snowdon Foundation

Mailee Walker

Executive Director, Claneil Foundation