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Help Wanted: The Complete Guide to Hiring a Family Foundation CEO

The role of a family foundation chief executive is unique—running a philanthropic enterprise in partnership with a family. This first-ever guide for hiring a family foundation CEO will help your family figure out where you want your foundation to go, and how to find the right person to take you there. The guide covers:

  • How to take stock of where your foundation is now and what you want for its future
  • What the crucial steps are in a good search process
  • Whether to hire help to recruit and vet candidates
  • How to get the most out of candidate interviews
  • Whether the current CEO (if there is one) should be involved in the search
  • What to consider if you are hiring a family member and/or your first CEO

The National Center is grateful to U.S. Trust, exclusive sponsor for the National Center's CEO Initiative.

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