NCFP Brand Assets

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There are several versions of the NCFP logo to accommodate a range of applications, from standalone communications materials, to logo use in conjunction with products, services, campaigns, or events across a variety of platforms.

Rules for NCFP Logo Use

The NCFP logo was thoughtfully designed to illustrate the infinite possibilities for giving families and the field when paired with the vision, support, and resources from NCFP. The logo combines the infinity symbol with the organization name and must always appear as a single impression.

The following rules apply when using the NCFP logo:

  • Only use logo files you receive directly from NCFP. Do not recreate the logo on your own.
  • Use the logo files as provided; do not alter, change, or obscure any of the elements in the logo, in any way, and make sure the logo is always clear and legible.
  • Use the logo without modifying or distorting its proportions, or altering the impression it creates. Always resize the logo in a way that preserves its proportions.
  • The logo must always stand on its own. Make sure there is white space around the logo equal to the height of the infinity symbol.
  • Do not physically incorporate the logo or graphically connect the logo to any other graphic element in your piece.
  • When used online, hyperlink the logo directly to the NCFP website (

The Fine Print

This is a reminder that the NCFP logo and brand graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. Please secure written permission from NCFP before using our logo in any way. When using the NCFP logo, you are required to adhere to the logo use rules and guidelines outlined in this guide.

Please do NOT use our logo or graphics as part of your own product, business, or service name, or in any way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by NCFP of your product, service, or business without prior written permission from NCFP.

Below, you may download NCFP’s primary logo for web use. To request other versions of the NCFP logo, including for print use, please email Include your name, organization name, and the intended use—location, duration and reason for the logo to appear—in your request.

Download logo for web