Video Highlights from the 2021 Trustee Education Institute

Courtesy of Anna Shvets from Pexels

The Trustee Education Institute is one of NCFP’s signature events, offering family foundation board members and CEOs a comprehensive overview of family philanthropy trends and topics. The virtual Institute this September featured conversations on values, racial equity, board chair leadership, next-gen engagement, and much more. Here are short video highlights from a few of those sessions.

Give Big and Give Now: Working with Your Board to Increase Payout and Impact

Dimple Abichandani talks about the General Service Foundation came to develop its spending policy. ” When we make our decision year-to-year on how much to spend, were weren’t looking at any of the things that I was really focused on. We weren’t looking at what was at stake for our mission. We weren’t looking at what was really called for for meeting the moment. ”

Your Role in the Changing Landscape of Family Philanthropy

Will Cordery shares about becoming a non-family trustee at the Hill-Snowdon Foundation during a time of change. “There was a deep intention and a deeper understanding for the family last year that happened to coincide with the time that they brought on myself and two other folks as their first non-family trustees”.

Finding Purpose and Impact through Family Philanthropy

Kimberly Myers-Hewlett opens up about family engagement and personal vs collective giving interests. “There’s very much a cross-generational structure to how we give and everyone has their own allotment where they can pursue their own passions. But the foundation is set up in collective grantmaking.”

Governance to Achieve Your Philanthropy’s Purpose

Anne Wallestad responds to a question about how foundations can find a balance between family values and staff values. “The board needs to spend time thinking about who are we as an organization, what do we value, what is important—as a throughline for all of the thinking we are doing as an organization.”