Will Cordery

Trustee, Hill Snowdon Foundation; Founder & Prinicpal, Freedom Futures

Will Cordery (he/him) is the Founder + Principal at Freedom Futures – a philanthropic advisory firm moving money to the frontlines of social transformation for Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities. Will serves on the board of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation as one of its first non-family trustees; and is on the board of Tides Advocacy – a c4 funding mechanism for social movement infrastructure. Will has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in institutional philanthropy, community advocacy and social movements for advancing racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQI liberation, and public policy.


Effective Family Philanthropy in Action

Aligning Legacy with Liberation: What if your family’s legacy was rooted in supporting liberation for all peoples?

Posted on May 24, 2023 by Will Cordery

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“Your family’s legacy can in fact honor previous generations, their sacrifices and opportunities; as well as hold a necessary critique of the harm these opportunities may have caused for many others,” says author Will Cordery. Will and his team at Freedom Futures share their Aligning Legacy with Liberation™ framework and the belief that a family’s liberation is deeply attached to… Read More

Family Legacy in Philanthropy: A Reparative Framework

Posted on May 24, 2023 by The Milliken Family, Will Cordery

Join us for an enriching discussion on family legacy in philanthropy, moderated by the social impact advisory firm, Freedom Futures. In this thought-provoking one-hour conversation, we will hear from a philanthropic family committed to redistributing a significant portion of their wealth as a form of reparations to cement their family legacy in repair. They will share their motivations and approaches… Read More
Voices from the Field

Video Highlights from the 2021 Trustee Education Institute

Posted on November 12, 2021 by Dimple Abichandani, Will Cordery, Kimberly Myers Hewlett, Anne Wallestad

The Trustee Education Institute is one of NCFP’s signature events, offering family foundation board members and CEOs a comprehensive overview of family philanthropy trends and topics. The virtual Institute this September featured conversations on values, racial equity, board chair leadership, next-gen engagement, and much more. Here are short video highlights from a few of those sessions. Give Big and Give… Read More

2021 Trustee Education Institute

Posted on March 9, 2021 by Isabel Nogueira, Alyson Wise, Jumi Falusi, Milton Speid, Emily Kaiser, Adrian Ruiz, Lisa Jackson, Priscilla Enriquez, Dorothy Gardner, Regan Pritzker

NCFP’s Trustee Education Institute provides a comprehensive overview of the important legal, investment, ethical, grantmaking, and family dynamics issues facing family foundation board members and CEOs. Featuring the perspectives of innovative donors and a faculty made up of donors, board members, and highly respected philanthropy experts, this virtual seminar covers: Translating values and goals into action Connecting family legacy and… Read More