Family Philanthropy Playbook for Community Foundations

Unit 7:  Supporting Collective Giving

How are your peers supporting collective and engaged giving programs, such as giving circles, as part of their philanthropic services offerings?

BORROW AND ADAPT: Giving Circles and Collective Giving Programs [members only]

Community foundations in Jacksonville, Memphis, Sonoma, Triangle Region, and more have shared their internal and external materials on managing giving circles and collective giving programs.

TUNE-IN (60 minutes): Spark Session—Giving Circles as a Philanthropic Service [members only]

On this 2018 webinar, staff from the Triangle Region Community Foundation and Community Foundation Sonoma County joined national experts Jason Franklin and Jessica Bearman to discuss effectively managing giving circles. They also highlighted information released in 2017 and 2018 by the Collective Giving Research Group.

TUNE-IN (60 minutes): Topical Call—Collective Giving and Giving Circles [members only]

In this 2017 topical call, staff from the Ann Arbor Community Foundation and The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida kicked off a discussion of managing giving circles.

READ: Dynamics of Hosting Giving Circles

This 2018 report summarizes research into why 86 nonprofits host giving circles, fees, staffing structures, and the impact on the nonprofits. It features data and case studies from a number of community foundations.