Igniting the Spark: Engaging Next-gen and Youth in Family Philanthropy

About this collection: This Content Collection features stories of families who have found successful ways to engage the next generation and youth in family philanthropy, as well as sample policies on next-gen and junior boards, and tips for activities appropriate for sharing the value of family philanthropy with next-gen family members.

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Please see the NCFP Content Collection, Generations Together: Engaging Youth for additional information and resources.

NCFP Passages Issue Briefs

Igniting the Spark – Creating Effective Next Gen Boards

Passages Issue Briefs
This Passages Issue Brief introduces an increasingly popular method for preparing the next generation for philanthropic service: the next generation or junior board. The paper covers the variety of purposes for establishing next generation boards and how they are typically structured, explores how foundations use next generation boards as a …

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Young Adults in Family Philanthropy

Passages Issue Briefs
This Passages Issue Brief addresses one of the most important opportunities in family philanthropy – encouraging young adults to take part in the family’s giving process and to become philanthropic in their own right. What are the reasons that families involve young adults? And what can young adults themselves do …

Opportunity of a Lifetime 2.0: Multigenerational Family Philanthropy

Passages Issue Briefs
More than ever before, giving families are working to involve multiple generations in their philanthropy. According to the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s Trends in Family Philanthropy Study, nearly 3 in 5 U.S. family foundations engage younger family members in the foundation — and more than 40 percent say they expect to …

Igniting the Spark: Case Studies of Next Gen Engagement Strategies

Igniting the Spark: The Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Impact Story
The Lawrence Welk Family Foundation is located in Santa Monica, California,  with family geographically dispersed around the country.  The foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations serving children and families living in poverty in three Southern California neighborhoods. In addition, a small portion of its funding goes to nonprofits promoting youth …

Igniting the Spark: Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation

Impact Story
The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation is located in Studio City, California, with family geographically dispersed around the country.  The foundation’s mission is to maximize the potential of children and youth in Los Angeles and Santa Clara County. This next gen case study describes their history of youth engagement, …

Igniting the Spark: Tracy Family Foundation

Impact Story
The Tracy Family Foundation is located in Mt. Sterling, Illinois, with family geographically dispersed around the country.  The foundation’s mission is to provide resources to organizations that foster the values of Robert and Dorothy Tracy—a Catholic/Christian belief, honesty, integrity, fairness, and a strong work ethic. The foundation …

Igniting the Spark: The Tarsadia Foundation

Impact Story
The Tarsadia Foundation is located in Newport Beach, California.  The foundation supports non-profit organizations with programs and projects that provide educational opportunities for the underserved, support health and well-being of the community, and assist to employ the employable through economic empowerment. This next gen case study describes their history of …

Igniting the Spark: Lumpkin Family Foundation

Impact Story
The Lumpkin Family Foundation is located in Mattoon, Illinois, with family geographically dispersed.  The foundation supports people pursuing innovation and long-lasting improvements in the environment, health, education, and community access to the arts in its home of Clara County. This next gen case study describes their history of youth engagement, …

Igniting the Spark: Dekko Family Foundation

Impact Story
The Dekko Family Foundation is located in Kendallville, Indiana. The idea for Youth Pods started in the 1990s, when a staff member went to a family philanthropy conference and learned about youth philanthropy initiatives. With no Dekko family members at the right age, the Dekko Foundation looked to the Michigan …

Igniting the Spark: Andrus Family Fund

Impact Story
The Andrus Family Fund is an innovative, inclusive, and flexible program that offers opportunities for family members of all ages and interests to get involved in the family’s philanthropies and in public service.

NCFP Webinars on Engaging Next Gen

September 11, 2014

Generational Transitions: The Never-ending Story

If you are connected to a multi-generational family foundation, you likely have discovered that transitions are not a one-time event; rather, they are an ongoing and evolving fact of life. Whether transitioning from the donor to the 2nd generation, 2nd to 3rd, or beyond, …
June 12, 2014

Navigating Leadership Transitions in Family Philanthropy

Every family philanthropy experiences the joy, the sadness, the complexity, and the energy of transitions. Moving toward new leadership in the family can be difficult, emotional, and sometimes frustrating. However, when it is done deliberately and thoughtfully, these times of transition can also be positive for all involved. Times of …
July 10, 2008

Passing the Baton: Generations Sharing Leadership

Today's family foundation field has many well-prepared next generation members and a whole generation of longer living, active senior members. And while the field has been resourceful in promoting next-generation involvement, it has done little to address succession issues for the senior generation or to consider options for shared, multi-generational …

NCFP Webinars on Next Gen Donor Networks

March 17, 2016

Changemakers: National networks engaging next gen philanthropic leaders

Family foundation boards are expected to see a period of unprecedented change over the next few years, with a new generation of philanthropists poised to take over leadership roles. NCFP's 2015 Trends Study found that 56% of family foundations currently engage younger family members in the foundation's work, and more than 40% …
February 14, 2013

Cultivating and Learning from Next Gen Leaders

Members of the next generation (including Gen X and the “Millennials”) are the future - and increasingly current - leaders of philanthropy, yet we still know little about how their philanthropy differs from that of previous generations. Our colleagues at 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy have recently completed a …
February 9, 2012

Tools and Tips for Next Gen Philanthropists

Most philanthropic families say they want the next generation at the table. Yet how do new trustees develop their personal values and ideas to contribute to the discussions?  And when and if the next gen has a sense of how they’d like to give, will the …

Can Minors Serve on Boards?

According to BoardSource, one of the most respected authorities on boards and governance, the answer is “It depends:”

“...when it is possible, the rewards usually outweigh most of the concerns. A few states do not allow young people to serve on boards, and many states have laws prohibiting minors to sign binding contracts. Before inviting young people to serve on your board, verify whether your state has an age limit for board members. Even if your state law prohibits minors from serving as full members of the board, there are many ways to benefit from the ideas and perspectives that young people bring. You can ask them to serve as nonvoting members of the board, to become members on an advisory council, or to chair a committee or a special event.

If you decide to invite a minor to serve as a board member, keep these points in mind:

Provide adequate orientation or assign a board mentor.

Avoid electing minors as officers in charge of financial matters.

When the law prohibits it, don’t allow minors to sign binding contracts for the organization.

Provide D&O insurance for the entire board, but be aware that some policies may exclude minors.

Sample Policies and Practices

See Policy Central: Engaging Next Gen and Extended Family for a variety of  policies and practices for creating and managing next gen and junior advisory boards.