Igniting the Spark: Moniker Foundation

Three years ago, the Moniker Foundation came to a dramatic juncture in their organizational lifecycle and purpose. At the time, Moniker Foundation was simple. It provided scholarships to disadvantaged students and grants to organizations close to the Board’s heart. Knowing this philanthropic purpose, the Board set out to learn what else they could do to make a difference in the community. They embarked down the road of strategic planning. The most important question they had to answer was, “Should Moniker last in perpetuity or should we sunset?” Moniker was slated for perpetuity. With this new strategy in place, the foundation needed to determine how to accomplish its goals? Two paths formed—work from within the family or hire externally. The Board used Moniker as the glue to hold the family together and carry on the family legacy, so they assembled an internal, family-forward, framework.