Splendid Legacy 2: Creating and Re-Creating Your Family Foundation

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I. Creating Your Family Foundation

Foreword and Introduction
by Paul and Debbie Brainerd and Virginia M. Esposito

Chapter 1: Core Values of a Splendid Legacy
by Sarah Jane Cavanaugh

Chapter 2: Goals and Mission
by Virginia M. Esposito

Chapter 3: Ethics in Family Philanthropy
by Michael Rion

Chapter 4: Things We Wish Our Founders Had Told Us
by Susan Packard Orr

Chapter 5: One Family’s Story – A Conversation with Bill Gates Sr.
by Bill Gates, Sr.

II. Creating Your Framework

Chapter 6: Family Foundations and the Law
by John Sare

Chapter 7: Funding Your Family Foundation
by Antonia M. Grumbach (with A 2017 Review And Update By John Sare And Brian Sweet)

Chapter 8: Good Governance: The Foundation Imperative
by Virginia M. Esposito

Chapter 9: Managing Your Family Foundation
by Elaine Gast Fawcett

Chapter 10: Finance and Investments
by Jason Born, Pam Howell-Beach, and Sarah Stranahan

III. Creating Your Processes

Chapter 11: Effective Grantmaking: The Fulfillment Of Your Mission
by Susan Crites Price

Chapter 12: Communications: Enhancing Process, Participation, and the Public Face of Your Foundation
by Nina Sachdev Hoffman and Vincent Stehl

IV. Re-Creating and Revitalizing

Chapter 13: Engaging the Next Generation
by Susan Crites Price

Chapter 14: Assessment and Renewal
by Virginia M. Esposito and Peter Panepento

V. Commencement

Chapter 15: The Currency of Trusteeship – Tools for the Work of Governance
by David Dodson

Chapter 16: The Spirit of Philanthropy and The Soul Of Those Who Manage It
by Paul Ylvisaker

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