All Peer Network: What’s the New Normal on Building a Budget?

Whether you are in endowment protection mode or distribution stretch mode, constructing a 2021 foundation budget presents challenges and critical choice points. NCFP is hosting an informal peer conversation so CEOs, CFOs, accounting managers and related staff can share how they are thinking about balancing the dollars, values, social optics, and more. From practical matters such as approaches to 2021 salary levels, HR benefits, travel, percentages to programs, admin and board recommended grants to philosophical questions to communication frames for talking with staff and board, all inquiries are invited. This is an opportunity to roll-up your sleeves with fellow family foundation leaders to see and share insights and ideas about how the budgeting process might shift to support visions of high impact, responsive, and inclusive philanthropy.

As a reminder, our Peer Network events are not recorded. Join with your webcam if possible, or call in for audio only. 

Featured Speakers

Michelle Knapik

Michelle Knapik is the President of The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (EHTF). Michelle joined EHTF after more…

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