The Value of Family in Philanthropy: Making the Case

This thought-provoking call will feature a wide-ranging conversation between NCFP President Virginia Esposito and Carrie Avery, President and Trustee of the Durfee Foundation in Los Angeles. How does the personal participation of donors and family members add value to their giving, and, more importantly, to the results and impact of that philanthropy? What challenges affect a family’s capacity to be effective and trusted stewards of the resources they manage for the public good?

Based on findings from NCFP’s report, “The Power to Produce Wonders,” this call is essential for anyone seeking to understand and make the case for continued support of the remarkable phenomenon that is American family philanthropy.

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Ginny Esposito

Virginia M. Esposito

Virginia M. Esposito, is the founding president of the National Center for Family Philanthropy. In January…

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Carrie Avery

Carrie Avery is President of the Durfee Foundation in Los Angeles, California, which focuses on leadership by…

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