Values in Action: Thinking Strategically About Your Family Philanthropy’s Lifespan

Join us to explore the considerations of family philanthropy lifespan. In addition to philanthropic traditions, families want to think ahead about their philanthropic timeframe. This webinar will guide families through the decisions surrounding the sustainability and potential conclusion of their philanthropic efforts. Drawing from real-life examples, this session will equip you with the tools to ensure your family’s philanthropic mission thrives and evolves in harmony with your vision, values, and the changing landscape of giving. Whether you’re exploring the notion of sunsetting or seeking to refine your family’s philanthropic approach, this webinar offers a roadmap to transform your values into action.

About this Series

The monthly Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy webinar series provides guidance on the core principles of effective family philanthropy—from motivations and values to governance, grantmaking, and succession. The series equips giving families with the latest information on evergreen topics in the donor lifecycle through practical takeaways and diverse family stories that illustrate important practices. Designed for seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike, the series is available to our Network Members and Network Partners.

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