Assessment & Learning

Identifying Methods to Measure Success

Effective philanthropy is a process of continual learning. A structured learning agenda and assessment plan will strengthen your philanthropic purpose, strategy, impact, and family engagement.

Listening and Feedback Practices

The National Center for Family Philanthropy supports the Fund for Shared Insight’s belief that foundations and nonprofits are more impactful and effective when they regularly and deeply listen to the people and communities at the heart of their work. This Content Collections share examples and stories of listening and learning practices that value lived expertise and advance equity. As FSI

Woman planning family philanthropy

Policy Central: Sample Policies and Practices

NCFP's Policy Central includes sample policies and practices in the areas of governance, grantmaking, family dynamics, engaging the next generation, investments, management, and staffing. New samples are added frequently, and are here when you need them!

Ending Well: Exits and Spend Down

The resources shared in this collection contain information and tools developed through the experience of multiple philanthropies involved in exits—including the Foundation.

Power Dynamics in Family Philanthropy

This Content Collection shares perspectives from nonprofit leaders and foundation colleagues on the challenges of power dynamics in family philanthropy, and possible solutions for how to address these issues.

Ethics and Accountability in Family Philanthropy

A family’s philanthropic values – it’s sense of stewardship, personal commitments and interests of individual family members, and the shared desire to foster charitable impulses in children and future generations – are the foundation of family philanthropy. Articulating and discussing values on a regular basis is part of ethically responsible giving. And ensuring that your grants and gifts are effective

Family Meetings and Retreats

This Content Collection provides tips and ideas for how to craft better family meeting agendas, keep your meetings on track, and accomplish your work more effectively.

Leveraging Small Grants for Big Impact

The great American writer Vernor Vinge once said, “Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.” What Vernor is saying is that even the smallest things can be hugely impactful. There are so many colloquialisms for this truth in the English lexicon: ripple, domino, snowball, chain reaction, the parable of the mustard seed, etc. As a grantmaker, no matter

Taking Risks and Learning From Mistakes

Philanthropy is often described as society’s “risk capital.” This NCFP Content Collection provides context for how generous families can assess philanthropic risk, tame and mitigate risk, and even expand their comfort zone to embrace uncertainty and learn from their mistakes. Know of other good resources on this topic? Please suggest a resource.