Understanding the Family Philanthropy Landscape

Trends and Perspectives

What are key trends in the field today, and what issues are on the minds of leading philanthropic families? Start here to get a sense of current priorities and future directions.


I Am Family Philanthropy

Every day we see committed and generous families making positive impacts on the communities and issues they serve. Through this special I Am Family Philanthropy video collection, we are delighted to share the stories of NCFP Friends and philanthropic donor families.

Family Philanthropy Speaks

Philanthropy is a practice borne out of compassion and commitment—and one that is deeply rooted in family. It’s also a practice that must continue to evolve to effectively meet the needs of the communities it seeks to serve. Thankfully, there are countless social sector leaders who are advancing the field with their bold ideas and unwavering enthusiasm for the greater

Getting Started

As a philanthropic individual or family, it all starts with you. Depending on your vision and goals, you have many choices available to you for establishing a family philanthropy. If you plan on involving family, be sure to discuss your plans as a group so they are engaged from the outset. This Content Collection highlights key factors and questions you’ll