Building the Board Your Foundation Deserves: The Governance Checklist

Choosing the right direction in business is the right selection of employees.

This Passages guide, written by NCFP Founder and Senior Fellow Ginny Esposito, introduces and describes a checklist of governance-related questions you will likely want to address with your board. While there are good resources to help you identify common and effective practices in each area, this guide focuses less on the outcomes and more on ensuring all of the issues you should be considering are on the table. Think of this as a roadmap rather than pinpointing your destination.

By presenting it in this format, family foundation boards will have a practical guide to building the board their foundation deserves. This guide covers many areas of family foundation governance, including:

  • Foundation Needs and Expectations of Board Members
  • Board Composition, Selection, and Terms
  • Board Committees and Decision Making
  • Board Assessment and Renewal