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Six Timeless Tips for Raising Philanthropic Children

Editor’s note: While this post is from 2005, the advice is timeless!  Providing for children not only involves ensuring that they have clothes on their backs, roofs over their heads, and food in their stomachs, it also requires that families supply a sense of appreciation for their gifts, monetary and otherwise, and the desire to share those gifts with others. Read More
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Five Questions for Kelly Nowlin

December 21, 2022 | Kelly Nowlin
Anniversaries are times for reflection on and celebration of the past, as well as opportunity to imagine the future. As NCFP celebrates our 25th anniversary, we are speaking with community members about their reflections on the evolutions of their own philanthropy, the sector, and NCFP as well as their hopes for the future. Kelly Nowlin is the current chair of Read More
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Embracing a More Holistic Approach for Greater Impact

November 21, 2022 | Liz Dozier
In 2015, I stepped away from the field of education and dove into the world of philanthropy. Previously, I had been principal of Fenger High School on Chicago’s South Side. My experience with funders had been exclusively on the receiving end; my team at Fenger and I worked hard to secure financial resources that would allow us to support our Read More
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Can a Small Organization Have a Big Impact?

April 15, 2013 | Emily Tow
I get asked this question often.  How can a small foundation with few staff really catalyze large scale social change?  In fact, how can a foundation of any size play this role?  At The Tow Foundation, we have attempted to play a significant role in juvenile justice reform, an issue that seems like an intractable problem and not easily tackled Read More
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Building High Quality Family Connections Across Generations

Editor’s Note: In last month’s edition of Family Giving News, we featured results of a new study from our colleagues at 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy on the goals, motivations, and strategies of Next Gen Donors. In this month’s issue, we follow-up that report with a collection of practical tips and advice from the Council on Michigan Foundation’s Read More
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Fifteen Timeless Tips for Trustee Training and Succession

September 15, 2012 | Jason Born
Year after year, one topic in family philanthropy rises to the top: inspiring, engaging, and preparing the next generation for leadership. Sooner or later, unless the board decides to spend down the endowment, board succession in family foundations is a matter of when, not if. Since its founding in September 1997, the National Center for Family Philanthropy has published dozens Read More
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Training Opportunities for Younger Family Members and New Trustees

Our family foundation board is committed to adding several new next generation family members (i.e., in their 20s and 30s) to the board in the next 2-3 years. We also need to become more proactive in inviting younger family members (i.e., those in the 10-20 range) to participate in the family’s philanthropy. Do you have suggestions for opportunities for our Read More