Chantelle Fisher-Borne

Project Director, Out in the South Initiative, Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Chantelle Fisher-Borne is the Project Director for the Out in the South Initiative at Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Chantelle joins Funders for LGBTQ Issues after almost two decades working in the nonprofit sector. Her professional career began in the public health field with a focus on community development and LGBTQ youth. She has worked to address issues of affordable housing and homelessness through transforming community based services to better meet the needs of families living in poverty. Most recently, she has been working in the philanthropic sector as a consultant supporting funders concerned about issues of poverty and economic justice. Chantelle has a proven track record of working with groups tackling tough issues such as poverty, homelessness and religious based bigotry in the South.

Chantelle is inspired by the legacy of resilience and resistance found in communities throughout the South. In recent years, she and her wife were the lead plaintiffs for North Carolina’s lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on adoption and marriage rights for same sex couples. Years ago, she helped build the first statewide network of LGBTQ affirming faith leaders in North Carolina and worked with nonprofit organizations to build their capacity to address issues of oppression with a focus on institutionalized racism.

The descendant of Catholic Cajuns, Chantelle spent the first 25 years of her life in southern Louisiana and has lived in North Carolina for the past 15 years. She and her wife, who is originally from Mississippi, are proud to call the South home. They have two kids that keep them happy and busy on most days. In her spare time, Chantelle likes to go for a run and cook food with friends.


The New Normal: How to Serve the Redefined Family

Posted on January 13, 2019 by Chantelle Fisher-Borne, Emily A. West, Alexis Marion, Courtney Pullen

The definition of the American family has morphed alongside an explosion of diversity. Today, homes with unmarried parents, same-sex couples with adopted children, and single parents are as increasingly common as the traditional family of a married husband, wife, and child. With families growing ever more varied, foundations and donor-advised funds need clear advice and guidance regarding who participates in… Read More

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