Chloe Cockburn is a field strategist, thought leader, and philanthropic donor advisor working to end mass incarceration. She is the founder and CEO of Just Impact Advisors, a donor-advisory firm and impact fund she founded in 2021. Chloe leads strategy, donor education, and grant making for the organization, which has raised over $90million. The fund operates on a VC model, providing start up and follow on capital to extraordinary leaders and strategies. Beyond the fund, Just Impact advises donors focused on Series A and later funding — including portfolio development and field strategy — as well as donors seeking strategic support in making a strong return on investment case for social justice giving.

For more than 15 years, Chloe has crafted policy and strategy at organizations focused on criminal justice reform, including the ACLU. Most recently, she directed the criminal justice portfolio for Open Philanthropy, a foundation primarily advising Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna, whom she advised on over $150 million in giving over 6 years. During this same period, she advised multiple other donors on over $100 million in giving. The large majority of those dollars went to launching and building up new organizations founded by emerging leaders sourced by Chloe and her team. As a result, many of the most influential and strategic leaders in the field received their first or early funding from Chloe’s portfolio.

Chloe is a prolific writer who enjoys synthesizing voluminous and complicated information into a cohesive analysis of our steady but challenging climb towards a more just system. You can find her strategic analysis and insights on Substack, in SSIR, and the Washington Post.  She also serves as a board member and advisor to the Bia Echo Foundation, and holds degrees from Harvard University and Harvard Law School. She lives in Brooklyn with her family and enjoys hiking and reading science fiction.


2023 Family Philanthropy Leadership Retreat

Posted on April 19, 2023 by Susan Stamerjohn, Michelle Tremillo, Alejandro Foung, Dr. Jason Franklin, Jonathan Brack, Sandra Fluke, Tonya Allen, Diego Zegarra, Sue Banerjee, Catherine Maddox Walton

Save the Date 2023 Family Philanthropy Leadership Retreat
Thank you so much for your interest in the Leadership Retreat. The event is sold out, and we are no longer accepting names for the waitlist, due to the unlikelihood of accommodating everyone on it already. We are delighted by the response, and we regret that we have to turn anyone away. Please keep an eye on our Programs and… Read More