Hilary Hamm

Board Member, Arnall Family Foundation; Member, Maverick Collective

Hilary Hamm believes that systemic change requires cross-sector collaboration. Through this lens, Hilary has partnered with Population Services International as a member of Maverick Collective to create a social enterprise that delivers affordable access to family planning methods across East Africa. Previously, she was a Partnership Development Associate at Concordia, where she brokered partnerships to address global challenges such as labor trafficking and food sustainability.

She recently graduated with her Master in Public Policy and Administration from Columbia SIPA and worked for the Biden Campaign as a Field Organizer in Colorado — helping to flip a Senate seat and catalyze the largest regional shift to the left in the nation. Hilary serves as a Board Member for the Arnall Family Foundation, where she works to transform the criminal justice system in Oklahoma. She received her BA from Dartmouth College in Geography, International Studies, and French.


Community Foundation Spark Session: Supporting Young Changemakers

Posted on September 20, 2021 by Nithin Jilla, Avani Narang, Hilary Hamm, Kristin Giant

The rising generations inspire us with their passion and skills for making a difference in the world. And they confound us with how they do so—crowdfunding and peer-led events, advocacy and political action, impact investing and shareholder activism, international development, starting a B Corp, and more. Yes, even tax-deductible gifts when charities actually earn their trust. How do these young… Read More