Kristin Giant is obsessed with changing the culture around productive failure in the philanthropic sector, specifically as it pertains to white leaders’ advocacy for racial justice. She is currently a grantmaker, a grant-seeker, a board member, a corporate attorney, and a technology provider to nonprofits and is working to disrupt power-dynamics in each of those roles. She’s fueled by rage, iced-coffee, and the ardent desire to find better ways. She’s a mom to two boys and a mental health advocate — wearing her multiple diagnoses (depression, anxiety, adhd) as badges of honor, even as she navigates the uphill climb of visibility and acceptance of mental illness in corporate and nonprofit cultures.


Community Foundation Spark Session: Supporting Young Changemakers

Posted on September 20, 2021 by Nithin Jilla, Avani Narang, Hilary Hamm, Kristin Giant

The rising generations inspire us with their passion and skills for making a difference in the world. And they confound us with how they do so—crowdfunding and peer-led events, advocacy and political action, impact investing and shareholder activism, international development, starting a B Corp, and more. Yes, even tax-deductible gifts when charities actually earn their trust. How do these young… Read More