Community Foundation Spark Session: Supporting Young Changemakers

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The rising generations inspire us with their passion and skills for making a difference in the world. And they confound us with how they do so—crowdfunding and peer-led events, advocacy and political action, impact investing and shareholder activism, international development, starting a B Corp, and more. Yes, even tax-deductible gifts when charities actually earn their trust. How do these young changemakers bring change to our advisory practices? How can we help them change the world when their goals and tactics differ from previous generations and how we build our services and funds?

About this series

This program is part of the Spark Session series under NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network. The series is designed for community foundations to exchange practical advice, tools, and tips from peers on aspects of their family philanthropy engagement. This content-rich webinar features peer case study examples and will allow attendees to delve deeper through an open facilitated dialogue.

Featured Speakers

Kristin Giant

Kristin Giant is obsessed with changing the culture around productive failure in the philanthropic sector, specifically…

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Hilary Hamm

Hilary Hamm believes that systemic change requires cross-sector collaboration. Through this lens, Hilary has partnered with Population…

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Nithin Jilla

Nithin Jilla is a passionate educator, social entrepreneur and philanthropist who champions building models and systems…

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Avani Narang

Avani Narang currently serves as the Director for the Indus Cares Foundation which primarily supports the…

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