Rebecca Trobe

Founder, Impact Coaching and Consulting

Rebecca Trobe, Psy.D., works at the intersection of money and meaning, family and leadership. In addition to her long tenure as an executive coach, Rebecca has spent many years within the family office, family wealth and family foundation space working with families and their advisory teams on multi-generational transitions related to wealth, generational succession, governance, stewardship and philanthropy.

Rebecca employs her clinical background to educate, advise and facilitate, guiding clients to articulate their values and develop strategies to align them with their goals + leadership + impact vision. Additional expertise lies in working on the process and deliberation around blending/blended assets with couples, families and co-founders negotiating and navigating succession, nuptial agreements and joint decision-making over the lifespan of a shared venture.

The work involves exploring vision, mission, metrics, purpose and behavior with a specific lens on transforming the often challenging and specific power dynamics within these contexts that interfere with success, cohesion and optimum impact/ performance. Rebecca’s clients are driven by the desire to make and influence significant impact and are often found at the helm of a double or triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) mission/vision, ideally one that transcends their own lifetime.

Over the last 20 years Rebecca has worked in a range of professional coaching/consulting roles, including: Family Wealth Consultant within the Wells Fargo (Abbot Downing) National Family Office/Family Dynamics Division, Co-founder and Managing Principal of The Wealth Legacy Group, Partner at Schaffer & Combs, Consultant/ Advisor with 21/64, a non-profit consulting practice specializing in next generation and multi-generational family philanthropy and   Executive Leadership Coach at Leadership Strategies, a boutique coaching firm serving C-level executives and their teams.

In addition to the privilege of traveling nationally and internationally for this work, Rebecca has great passion for most things involving the principles of circularity, regenerative practices, progressive impact investing, environmental stewardship and nurturing leadership. Rebecca has proudly served on the advisory boards of Ashoka’s Bay Area Youth Venture, Thinking Beyond Borders, A Better Life Foundation, and as an instructor for the international Ashoka Changemakers program – Roots of Empathy.


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