Sean Boyd

Next Gen Board Member and former Chair of Satterberg Foundation Board


The Current State of Family Philanthropy: Seattle Regional Convening

Posted on September 12, 2023 by Sean Boyd, Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Sarah Cavanaugh

In philanthropy, meaningful change is the aim—it’s the purpose and the promise. But in striving for and achieving impact, have we been effective? Who decides the measures of success and what are the conditions that promote meaningful and enduring progress? Join the National Center for Family Philanthropy to explore how philanthropic families are accelerating the pace of their giving, shifting their… Read More

Preparing for and Managing a Productive Board Chair Transition

Posted on December 7, 2022 by Sean Boyd, Pete Helsell, Sarah Walczyk, C’Ardiss “CC” Gardner Gleser

Board Chair Transition Family Philanthropy
A board chair transition is an important moment for a family philanthropy, often prompting larger decisions or a revisiting of the organization’s purpose and practices. All members of the board have a role to play in preparing for and managing these inevitable leadership shifts, and need clarity about the strategies that will prepare the organization—family, staff, and other stakeholders—for the… Read More