Terry Hunt, Ed.D., is a licensed psychologist who brings to his work an enthusiasm for personal and professional fulfillment in his clients’ lives. Terry maintains a clinical private practice in Boston, MA with individuals, groups, and couples with sub-specialties in addictive disorders and older adolescents. A third generation heir to the Alcoa Aluminum fortune, Terry endorses the perspective that building effective families and resolving inherent conflict resolution must take into account the psychological make-up of the individuals involved. Using both personal experience and professional training, Terry has consulted successfully to a number of families of means and prominence and also has worked with two internationally known musical groups. Using the Purposeful Planning model, Terry’s primary commitment is to achieving agreed upon goals anchored in shared family values, beliefs and traditions.


Notes on an Effective Family Culture: The Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Posted on April 15, 2012 by Terry Hunt

This set of tips from the Board of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation was shared as a handout on NCFP’s January 2012 Teleconference, “Finding Common Ground, Valuing Different Views.” It is a useful set of tips for any family seeking to create a culture that respects differences of opinion and diverse political views… Read More