Bobbi Hapgood

Nonprofit strategist; Board member, Educational Foundation of America

Bobbi Hapgood is a nonprofit strategist who has spent the majority of her professional life working on organizational planning, fundraising, philanthropic leadership and board governance. Bobbi has served as executive director of the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers, communications and development director for the North Carolina Center for Child and Family Health, and as program director for Voices & Choices of the Central Carolinas.  Additionally she has consulted for various non-profits, foundations, and networking organizations.  When not consulting, Bobbi manages a family ranch and lends a hand with her husband’s company, FlyRight.

In her volunteer time, Bobbi serves on the Board of Directors of the Educational Foundation of America. She also serves on the Board of Full Frame, the Advisory Council of the National Center for Family Philanthropy, the Advisory Board for the UNC Playmakers Repertory Company, and the President’s Council for the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Bobbi earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and management from the University of California, Davis. She also holds a master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University.


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