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Trust-based Philanthropy: Satterberg Foundation

Posted on January 13, 2020 by The Whitman Institute

The Satterberg Foundation recently decided to transform its processes in an effort to build greater transparency and alignment with their core values. One of the most dramatic changes was a shift to multi-year general operating support. The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project’s Shaady Salehi sat down with Executive Director Sarah Walczyk to get the scoop on why they did this and what… Read More
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Transfer Decision Making and Wealth: Chorus Foundation

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Elaine Gast Fawcett

Cover of the Passages Issue Brief, Bridging the Power Divide, with a person teaching a few others in a room
As a family funder, how can you acknowledge and responsibly navigate the power of your position? How does the power and privilege you hold affect those you interact with and support? How can you use your power for good—to make lasting impact? This Passages Issue Brief features stories, perspectives, and practical tips on power, and suggestions for how family funders can work… Read More

Family Philanthropy Board Chairs: Leading with Joy and Effectiveness

Posted on May 15, 2019 by Elaine Gast Fawcett

Two white women sit at a table, looking off camera to illustrate the Passages issue brief on Board Chairs
Who typically serves as the board chair of a family foundation, and how does the board choose who will be placed in this essential role? What are the responsibilities of board chairs, and what skills, qualities, and aptitudes are likely to lead to better board dynamics and performance? What are the common challenges that board chairs face, and what tips do existing chairs for tackling these challenge? And how do board chairs and leadership staff work together to strengthen board and foundation performance?… Read More

Trends 2020: An Invitation from Ellie Frey Zagel

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Ellie Frey Zagel

A gold pen rests on a survey form, which has some X marks.
NCFP’s inaugural study on trends in family philanthropy, Trends 2015, was the first benchmark study of its kind, designed to collect timely and actionable information about the field at a national level. NCFP Board Member Ellie Frey Zegel invites you to be a part of Trends 2020, which will include questions relevant to ongoing changes in the field including issues of equity, place-based giving, transparency, the role of the donor, and the question of spend down versus perpetuity… Read More

National Center for Family Philanthropy Announces New Board Leadership for 2019

Posted on December 17, 2018 by National Center for Family Philanthropy

NCFP is pleased to welcome our new leadership for 2019: Katherine Lorenz as chair, Lisa Parker as vice-chair, David Weitnauer as treasurer and Nancy Cable as secretary. NCFP extends sincere thanks to outgoing chair Ridgway White and those members whose board service ended in 2018: Janine Lee, Jane Leighty Justis, Cindy Mercer, Ridgway White, and Rick Williams. … Read More