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CEO initiative and non-family staff peer network

NCFP's ongoing CEO Initiative is designed to help CEOs and family foundation boards better understand the qualities of effective family foundation leadership as well as its special challenges, while providing them with the tools, information, and support they need to master the complex roles and demands of their positions. The CEO initiative was developed and conceived with the guidance of an experienced CEO Initiative Advisory Committee, and has resulted in a series of retreats, seminars, and guides for the field. See below for additional information about NCFP's new Non-family Staff Peer Network and about each of the four guides in the series, as well as the initial research report.

Join the non-family staff peer network

NCFP's Non-family Staff Peer Network, chaired by Chris Koehn of the Farris Foundation and Kelly Chopus of the Robins Foundation, is designed for senior level non-family staff members who are Friends of the Family of the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Build a network of your peers facing the unique challenges and joys that are inherent in this role. Interested in learning more? Contact NCFP Vice President Jason Born for additional information or to arrange to speak with one of the network's co-chairs. Current NCFP Friends may sign up for the Non-Family Staff Peer Learning Network.

Leading through change

Advice from and for seasoned CEOs

This guide, the fourth in NCFP's CEO Leadership Guide series, draws on the wisdom of seasoned ceos who have navigated challenging changes and transitions in their careers and can offer practical insights to help peers prepare for what’s to come. Visit our bookstore for additional details or read an excerpt on our Family Giving News blog.

Performance review

The complete guide to evaluating the family foundation CEO

40% of family foundation CEOs say their board does not review their performance on an annual basis. Yet most CEOs yearn for their boards to invest the energy and time entailed in a thoughtful evaluation. This guide will help boards and CEOs structure an assessment process that maximizes the CEO’s contribution to foundation effectiveness. Visit our bookstore for additional details or read an excerpt on our Family Giving News blog.

Help wanted

The complete guide to hiring a family foundation CEO

The role of a family foundation chief executive is unique—running a philanthropic enterprise in partnership with a family. This first-ever guide for hiring a family foundation CEO will help your family figure out where you want your foundation to go, and how to find the right person to take you there.

The first year

The complete guide for new family foundation CEOs

A companion to the NCFP guide on hiring a CEO, this is the first how-to guide for new family foundation chief executives and the board members who hire them. Hiring a CEO is only the first step. A solid transition plan will maximize the CEO’s prospects for success. This guide covers the board and board chair’s role in orienting the new CEO; tips for CEOs to develop strong board/staff relations; setting boundaries and coping with family dynamics; and much more!

The family foundation CEO:

Crafting consensus out of complexity

This groundbreaking new report focuses a new lens on the family foundation chief executive, unveiling a wide variety of important findings and insights. Some confirm preconceptions; most reinforce our sense that family philanthropy is better understood as a result of formal inquiry into staff (and specifically in this case, CEO) dynamics. The findings presented in the report form the basis for a fuller appreciation of the family foundation chief executive, for new resources to support their work, and for additional research to come.