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Members of the next generation (including Gen X and the “Millennials”) are the future – and increasingly current – leaders of philanthropy, yet we still know little about how their philanthropy differs from that of previous generations. Our colleagues at 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy have recently completed a first-of-its-kind national study of these rising, next generation donors in major donor families. This webinar will review the findings from this study and discuss topics such as how these next gen donors view their family’s giving legacy, what kinds of engagements and experiences they are seeking out as they develop their philanthropic identity, and how families and those who work with families can respond in productive and strategic ways that advance the future of multigenerational family giving.

Featured Speakers

Mary Galeti

Mary Galeti serves as the Vice-Chair of the Tecovas Foundation which funds social innovation and entrepreneurship by…

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Michael Moody

Michael Moody helps people appreciate and navigate today’s complex landscape of giving and social innovation. He holds…

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Sharna Goldseker

Sharna Goldseker is a speaker, writer, and consultant who engages multiple generations in the intersection of values…

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Zac Russell

Zac Russell is an associate at FourPoints Asset Managers. He serves as a board member of…

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Ashley Blanchard

Ashley Blanchard

Ashley Snowdon Blanchard is a seasoned nonprofit strategy and management consultant, with a focus on strategic planning…

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What others have said...

This issue is important to our local women’s giving circle as we think through how to best include this next generation. The results from the study and this webinar’s comments were very relevant.


I thoroughly enjoy these webinars! As a nonfamily member working at a small family foundation, the information, insights, knowledge, experiences and reflections shared during the conversations have taught me so much. Not only hard core, specific ideas, but also encouragement and hope for the possibilities. I am so excited about the potential of family philanthropy in the sector!!


I was particularly struck by Zac Russell’s quote, “All of this isn’t scary; in fact, it’s rather awesome.”


Our family foundation includes two generations (2nd & 3rd) and is working to give the third generation a real voice in the work. It helps to understand what is important to them so that communication is better.


Loved the deeper dive around the study as this is helping our foundation determine how we engage next gen.


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