Michael Moody helps people appreciate and navigate today’s complex landscape of giving and social innovation. He holds the world’s first-ever endowed chair for family philanthropy, the Frey Foundation Chair for Family Philanthropy at the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University, and is a well-known writer, speaker, and commentator on the vital role that the nonprofit and philanthropic sector plays in our lives. Dr. Moody is a cultural sociologist, with a Ph.D. from Princeton, and co-author of Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Giving, as well as two other books and many other publications.



2022 Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network Workshop

Posted on April 5, 2022 by John Oddy, Hali Lee, Nicole Kyauk, J.M. Johnson, Ali Sirkus Brody, Jennifer Touchet, Jennifer Olson Curry, Joanne Cohen, Michael Moody, Robyn Schein

This workshop, exclusively available for members of NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network, is an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers and build professional skills! Network members may register up to five staff member attendees at no cost. Please note: This is a standalone workshop, not connected with any other NCFP events. View the agenda… Read More
Voices from the Field

What the Next Gen Really Wants

Posted on January 8, 2018 by Michael Moody, Sharna Goldseker

Ask any philanthropic family about their biggest challenge or concern, and one of the answers you’re most likely to hear is “how can I better engage the next generation?” In fact, NCFP’s 2015 Trends Study pointed to the changing leadership of family foundations – specifically to the engagement of younger generations on foundation boards – as a major factor that will shape the future of family philanthropy… Read More

Better Together: Realizing the Promise of Collaboration in Family Philanthropy

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Michael Moody

Unique challenges arise, and unique opportunities open up, when family donors get involved in collaborative work in philanthropy. This report explores those special challenges and opportunities, and offers a set of recommendations for how to realize the promise of working better together. The insights here are based primarily on in-depth dialogues about family philanthropy collaboration that occurred during the third… Read More

The Future of Family Philanthropy: Predicting and Preparing

Posted on July 6, 2014 by Michael Moody

The future of family philanthropy is an uncertain one, with dramatic changes taking place both in families and in philanthropy itself. But along with the uncertainty comes possibility and excitement; along with future challenges there are energized new donors and emerging innovations that could improve family giving in ways few would have predicted just a few years ago. Based on the… Read More
Featured Article

Who Are the Next Generation of Major Donors?

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Michael Moody, Sharna Goldseker

Editor’s Note: This month’s issue of Family Giving News features an overview of the results of the exciting new study conducted by our colleagues at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy and 21/64. To download the full report, please go to www.nextgendonors.org. Please note that the Next Gen Study is copyrighted, and that any reprint or use of the material from the… Read More